A programming code called SDK that can be integrated within apps.


A programming code called SDK that can be integrated within apps.


We had to overcome three main obstacles:

  • Rewrite the old programming code together with understanding the logic hidden behind it.

  • Create the high-tech solution invisible for an end-user that won’t cause crashes within the mother application.

  • Meet our customer deadlines.


Aymo solves the problem of mismatched ads. Due to its functions, it takes account of both users’ advertising preferences and location.

How does it work in practice? Let’s say we have a sushi restaurant willing to draw the attention of its customers. In order to attain goals, it needs to catch people that are sushi fans and will be close by sushi restaurant f.e 300 meters. The first part is keywords. The owner of an app can easily order an advertising campaign based on particular keywords. Each campaign has a defined duration time and budget. It can work in one of two areas: LiveTarget (send ads directed to customer-to-be who passes the restaurant) or ReTarget (send ads directed to the customer who visited the restaurant in the past). The second thing is the user’s location. The ad publisher books the area of interest by drawing polygons on a map. Aymo ensures that the advertisement will be delivered only within that selected area. The location algorithm applied here can determine a user's location with near-perfect accuracy.

Photo of Wojtek Andrzejczak

Wojtek Andrzejczak

APG|SGA Programmatic Manager Mobile / aymo mobile targeting

It's great to work with them. They are available and responsive and can adapt to even the craziest deadlines and requirements. They actively support at every stage of designing and creating a product, taking into account the design requirements, specificity, and cost optimization for the benefit of the final solution.


Good advertising served at the right time - that's already half the battle. Aymo knows it and seems to address the mismatched ads problems perfectly. We can’t wait for the continuation of that interesting project.

A programming code called SDK that can be integrated within apps.

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