The application provides easy and convenient way to touch base with local authorities.

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This time we were not responsible for development. When it comes to writing programming code, we have played the role of experts counseling our customer in the whole process. Besides, we have created the design (mockups and prototypes), functional specification, user guide, and administrator documentation. The vital challenge was the design process. We wanted to create a modern application, but we had to remember the web part (the one designed earlier). We knew that we needed to be consistent with it. No revolution. Just an evolution. Another part of the challenge was the fact that we were talking about the domain-specific system. These are the type of systems used mainly by municipalities, districts, or the marshals of the voivodships. All domain systems must have a certificate of conformity, proving their compliance with legal requirements and their correct cooperation with central systems.


Before we started, we researched and studied the market to find similar applications. We have tested our mockups with real users – it gave us the chance to improve them before placing them in the final application.

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Arkadiusz Kowalewski

Prezes Zarządu, e-Instytucja.pl Sp. z o.o.

The Nextapps team has supported product development at the application design stage, taking into account the complexity of the whole. They keep up with best UX practices and usage of optimal technological solutions. Hence, I recommend Nextapps for their expertise and efficient communication. I recommend cooperation with them to companies and institutions looking for a technology partner with guaranteed support at every stage of product development.


Imagine receiving from your commune a push notification about the new tax. You can pay for it using the same mobile app. You can easily get many of your official matters done without leaving your couch. What a relief in the unforeseeable nearest unfortunately-still-pandemic future.

True digitalization, I am glad that you are finally here.

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