Our innovative app from the Human Resources area. It is based on psychometry and artificial intelligence.


The startup environment is dynamic. Sometimes things can change very quickly. Thus, we had to adapt to that in flux situation. The process was changing itself during conducted analysis and received feedback. Good communication skills made both teams able to adjust backlog and keep each other in the loop. The result? We have provided a quality product without missing the deadline.


It turns out that employees often are not matched to a job according to their character and personality. To make things worse, usually, recruiters don’t have tools, allowing them to verify candidates who applied for a job. Staffly is an innovative app from the Human Resources area. Its basis on psychometry and artificial intelligence. It benefits both employer and employee. Due to Staffly, it is possible to find a job nearly perfectly matched to employee’s predispositions and qualifications. Right now, the number of available industries is limited to low-level employees. Such as f.g warehouse workers or factory workers. That list may be longer in the future.

Photo of Filip Sobel

Filip Sobel

CEO Staffly

As Staffly, we had an opportunity to collaborate closely with the NextApps team throughout four months. It was a time of intense development and release. What immediately hit our eyes were the NextApps team's excellent skills, visible in the work schedule and defining product guidelines. It allowed us to minimize the number of future questions and resolve all doubts. Each part of the application’s code had good quality and a low tendency to the failure rate. I have been delighted with that cooperation. Therefore I do not hesitate to recommend NextApps as a reliable business partner, and I will continue working with them.


Somebody once said: „Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We definitely should pay more attention to the achievements of contemporary psychology. The latest discoveries say: It is possible to precisely define individual predispositions. Each one of us has them. And then creating a nearly-perfect match between an employee and a profession he has been made for is just a matter of time.

Our innovative app based on psychometry and artificial intelligence.


Subjective Polish HR Tech Map - Startups and Scaleups

Staffly has been noticed as one of the most interesting and active HR Tech Ecosystem companies on the Polish market.

Top 50 CEE Funding Rounds 2021

Staffly has been noticed as an HR Tech Startup on the prestigious list of Vestbee „Top 50 Startup Funding Rounds 2021”.

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